The Cloud CRM Company Partnership

Executive Summary

  • You are looking at expanding your market with a killing CRM application
  • You are looking for a solution that would allow you to value your service and raise your profit
  • You are looking for a vendor that will recognize your partnership. GoCRMBaby is the answer
  • In the following slides, we will demonstrate how relevant it would be to further engage with the fastest growing CRM ecosystem

Why customers will Chose GoCRMBaby?

GoCRMBabyai??i??s Unique Selling Proposition

  • Price / Performance Ratio of GoCRMBaby
    GoCRMBaby is on an average 40% to 60% economical than competitors like / /Microsoft Dynamics (complete project deployment).
  • Flexibility
    GoCRMBaby can be fully customized to suit the specific and environment needs of your customer
  • Time to Implementation
    Start with one application/module and expand. Built the GoCRMBaby solution at the pace your customer can absorb and work with. Move from concept and design to a complete modular solution within 1-3months. Less people to involve in the decision making process
  • On Site / On Line
    GoCRMBaby is the only CRM solution that provides online as well as offline assistance or functions on a single applications
  • Try Before you Buy
    The only CRM solution that you can actually try before you buy.

More Value for Your Customerai??i??s Money

Invest their money on what matters the most!


  • Customization Services
  • Training
  • Support

Peace of mind

  • GoCRMBaby Enterprise- The Publisher Warranty
  • Maintenance
  • Support
  • Migration
  • Long Term Company Vision (Minor & Major Software Releases)

Why would you be a partner with GoCRMBaby?

Market Acceptance

GoCRMBaby is fully customizable to any level unlike other CRM where it takes month. Itai??i??s canadian vicoprofen. the cheapest in the Enterprise category & lowest amount of time is required for implementation for end users. So you can beat your competition easily.

Why You and Us?


The Perfect Time to Go-to-Market

  • The market is eager for alternativesai??i??High Current Demand
  • CRM Software market is moving to open source Mid-Market, which is pushing for the change
  • Decision makers are driving the change

We say ai??i?? GoCRMBaby

  • We have the solution & support which will be helpful to satisfy your customer needs.
  • We have the solution, the talent & the experience to deliver satisfaction
  • Itai??i??s all about YOU & US, growing together!

Increase Your Revenue NOW

Become a Value Added Partner for GoCRMBaby and take Advantages of new business opportunities right NOW!

Increase your market reach

  • Harness your local market knowledge and become their Integral Business partner
  • Reach new markets and provide real solutions
  • Raise your competitiveness

Show me the money!!!!

Keep 100% on the services you offer to your customers

  • Consulting
  • Design & Deployment Support & Specification Implementation & Incremental Backups
  • Up-gradation Services (software releases)

Sell GoCRMBabyai??i??s services and get paid commission

  • GoCRMBaby Enterprise
  • Trainings Consulting Offshore

Win-Win Relationship

  • We Help You Develop Your GoCRMBaby Business
  • You Get Revenues from GoCRMBaby Services and Implementation Projects
  • We Get Revenue From Your GoCRMBaby Sales: GoCRMBaby Enterprise or Online

Introduction of Partnership

The GoCRMBaby’s ecosystem is designed to ensure that GoCRMBabyai??i??s users will enjoy the best customer experience with our products. The community brings a wealth of new functionalities. GoCRMBaby as the software publisher is committed to continuously improve the quality of the software and to certify the prozac without perscription. modules developed by the Community. Our local partners provide integration and support services.

Types of Partnership Program

The GoCRMBaby partner program consists of three membership levels; Referral partner, Business Partner and System Integration Partners with specific requirements and benefits Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. for each level.

Partnership program is broadly categorized into:

  • Referral Partners:
    In this category partners refer the lead to GoCRMBaby. Presales process, project execution and transaction management will be managed by GoCRMBaby.
  • Business Partners:
    Partners, who sales, market, implement and provide after sales support with trained experts with adequate resources deployed for GoCRMBaby business. Partners will frontend opportunities independently and avail GoCRMBaby support on specific aspects. Partners who have formalized business plan including marketing activity and targets.
  • System Integration Partners:
    Partners who sell, market, implement, support co?develop extensions and integrate with their or 3rd party apps, with adequate resources deployed for GoCRMBaby business. Partners will frontend opportunities independently and avail GoCRMBaby support on specific aspects ai??i?? like product or technology. Partners who have formalized business plan including marketing activity and targets.

There is a standard revenue model which we follow for all the partner categories, the details of which are given below:

Note: Support Commission: In addition to above, partners are eligible for support commission on License and Subscription which is applicable if customer support activity is outsourced to Partner. Revenue structure for the same will be shared in partner policy. This option of customer support and revenue for the same is applicable for Business Partner and System Integration Partners.

The Partnership Program offers you a wide range of tools and advantages by providing you with:

  • Lead Generation Program ai??i?? We forward the requests we get for to you
  • Visibility as an official GoCRMBaby partner, – 5000 daily visit
  • Support – for functional or technical questions,
  • Partner meeting to improve business issues and upgrade training
  • Consulting and development services on demand
  • Discount on all our services like GoCRMBaby Enterprise to migrate smoothly

According to your package, we include one or two weeks of training:

Partnership Category



License Subscription Implementation(Share of Implementation share for partners, when they own complete ownership of delivery)

(Partnership Investment – None)

Refer Leads to GoCRMbaby and everything else is done by us 20% 10% (For 3 yrs) NA
Business Partners(Partnership Investment : 1-3 L) Refer and Lead the transaction with GoCRMBaby Sales and Presales team & provide after sales support 30% 30% for 1st Yr20% for 2nd Yr

10% for 3rd Yr

System Integration Partners(Partnership Investment : 3-6 L) Complete Sales, Support & Implementation 40% 35% for 1st Yr25% for 2nd Yr

15% for 3rd Yr

90% forcomprehensive project delivery by partners



We Help You Develop Your Business
Ai??We want a long-term relationship with you

  • Every partner has a dedicated account manager that:
  • Is the single point of contact for any request
  • Helps developing your busines
  • You get:
  • Upgrade Trainings at each new version
  • Ai??Discounts on all GoCRMBaby and other online services
We help you to learn GoCRMBaby

Ai??If you want to deliver quality services, you need to be a GoCRMBaby expert.

  • You will attend our official trainings:
  • 5 Days Functional Training
  • 5 Days Technical Training Advanced Online Webinars GoCRMBaby Sales training
  • You Get Training Materials:
  • GoCRMBaby User Manual
  • Access to the Partner portal
  • Evaluate your employees with our certification exams
We Help You Deliver Quality Services

Ai??Our goal is to make you succeed in your projects.

  • You get access to:
  • The technical support
  • The functional Support
  • Documents like our implementation methodology
  • Our development services:
  • You get an access to our offshore developers in India on demand
  • We provide you to development tools like the integration server


GoCRMBaby Enterpris(For Quality Certified Modules)

Ai??GoCRMBaby Enterprise Contract covers:

  • Bug fixing, Migration, Security alerts
  • Unlimited tickets and hours, at a fixed yearly price!
  • Maintenance is delivered by GoCRMBaby, Functional Support is delivered by partners
  • GoCRMBaby Enterprise Contract are an essential tool for customer satisfaction and to guarantee continuous improvement
  • Optional certification of additional modules to enlarge the coverage of the GoCRMBaby Enterprise
Partner Satisfaction about GoCRMBaby Publisher’sAi??Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions


Q) How to enter into Partnership with GoCRMBaby?

Ans. The procedure for entering the partnership with GoCRMBaby includes:

a) Signing up a Contract with GoCRMBaby

b) Paying the required amount for viagra online no prescription needed, viagra online no prescription needed, viagra online no prescription needed, viagra online no prescription needed, viagra online no prescription needed, viagra online no prescription needed. Partnership

c) Providing your company registration copy

Q) What are the benefits of Partnership?

Ans. Please refer to above document, to see the benefits. Or contact our sales representative toAi??Ai?? know more about this.

Q) Who can enter into Partnership?

Ans. Any established company can become a partner of GoCRMBaby. We prefer them to have some experience and understanding of business processes and softwareAi??Ai?? development.

Q) What is the Pricing Policy for GoCRMBaby Partnership?

Ans. Please contact our sales team for this.

Q) From where I will get my leads?

Ans. GoCRMBaby gets queries and information of the prospects from its Website. We share this information with our partners according to:

a) Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. Proximity

b) Level of Partnership

Being an advanced open source CRM, leads should not Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. be a major concern for becoming GoCRMBaby partner.

Q) Does a GoCRMBaby partner need to share revenue for its project?

Ans. GoCRMBaby does not ask to share any revenues to its partners. However, it is advisable that, partner sell our services to their customers, which will be beneficial to GoCRMBaby as well as to Partner in long run.

Q) How much revenues I need to generate for GoCRMBaby annually?

Ans. For Ready Partners there is no such criteria, but we expect our Silver and Gold Partners to sell our services to their customers up to certain level.

Q) Did I get the exclusive rights for selling in my region?

Ans. No, this contract does not give you the exclusive rights for any region. Any partner can sell anywhere without any restriction.

Q) Do I need to share the source code of the application developed by me with the community?

Ans. No, you are not compelled to provide the source code developed by you to the community.

Q) In how much time I will get my ROI (Return on Investment) back?

Ans. As per our experience, our partners are able to get back their ROI within 3 months of getting into partnership.

Q) Where the Training will be conducted?

Ans. The training is conducted at our offices and training centers. Also please visit the following link to know more about the Trainings.

Q) I am interested for SAAS Offerings?

Ans. Please visit the following link for SAAS offerings.

Q) Is this a onetime partnership cost or we have to renew our partnership?

Ans. This partnership is renewed after the end of one year, from the date of signing of the Contract.

Q) Can I re-brand GoCRMBaby?

Ans. Yes, you can re-brand GoCRMBaby and also can use your logo on the product, however you have to put the GoCRMBabyai??i??s logo also on the form.

The GoCRMBaby demand is exploding we need more partners to deliver the service.

Contact us to discuss opportunities.

Only company will support all kind of customization's to fit-in your business sales process

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