Switch from Zoho CRM

Currently, if you are using Zoho CRM and come across the issue that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, so it is the time for you to upgrade to a new CRM solution. GoKickSales has a long-term track record for offering customized and fully functional CRM application without the high price tag. GoKickSales understands purchase tretinoin without prescription. the significance of an all-inclusive CRM solution. We always try to improve and constantly update our CRM solution so you are not ever troubled with feature limits like those in Zoho CRM.

Thanks to our proficient programmers, GoKickSales is industry-specific to facilitate your business in boosting up the efficiency and productivity to increase revenues and drive more sales. Our solutions make sure all-in-one incorporation with existing applications and are specifically designed to offer a single interface which provides simple access to critical customer relationship management allpills shop. chores.

Cons of Using Zoho CRM

No Sandbox Environment: Zoho CRM lacks customization flexibility by neglecting the sandbox environment.

Limited Synchronization: Zoho CRM has limited synchronization features which avert you to synchronize with numerous email customers.

Lack of Lead Assignment Queues: Assignment of lead to a specific user is limited because of the lack of a lead assignment queues.

Import Limitations: Zoho CRM does not fully incorporate with your current applications which makes the import of specific data problematic or simply impossible.

Multifaceted Functions: While some of the functions in Zoho CRM are user-friendly, there are also some complex functions which have a need of time to set-up and configure.

Less Editing Features: Editing flexibility is an essential component for a CRM platform. Zoho CRM provides restricted editing competencies.

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Pros of Switching to GoKickSales

GoKickSales can offer your business a fully integrated, completely functional and customized CRM solution for an affordable price without sacrificing functionality and features. GoKickSales is a comprehensive solution which fulfills all of your requirements related to Customer Relationship Management.

Custom-Made Solutions: The professionals at GoKickSales will work with you to design a solution which meets the individual requirements for your business. We can assess your current system and data essentials to determine where enhancements can be made. We will then aids you with designing a platform which is industry-based and customized to meet all your business requirements.

Easy to Use Functions: GoKickSales eradicates all of the difficulties that are usually involved with utilizing a new system. The GoKickSales platform is designed by keeping the end user in mind which averts you from investing extreme time to learn how to make use of GoKickSales features.

Assistance with Data Migration: Once we assist you in designing and implementing an all-in-one CRM platform, we can help you with unified data migration to the new system.

Contract Compensation: We make switching to GoKickSales simple by repaying you for your preceding contract with Zoho CRM for up to six months.

Technical Support: Though GoKickSales is comprehensible, we still assist our precious end user with technical support service which is willingly accessible to answer your queries. Our technical support services are free of cost when you switch to GoKickSales for Customer Relationship Management.

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