Role Manager

The Role Manager feature in GoCRMBaby provides an easy way to assign different roles to team members and include a description of the responsibility. You can configure different cheap antibiotics canada. roles for each team member and define the goal which is to be attained for each responsibility.

The Role Manager interface can be accessed by clicking on the Role Manager widget on the GoCRMBaby main interface.

Create New Role

Once you have accessed the Role Manager interface, you can easily add new roles by clicking on the Create New button on the left hand side of the Role Manager interface.


1. In the Create Roles, enter the Role details.

2. Click Save.

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Define the Access Level for Each Role:

1. Click on All Roles.

2. Click on Set Access next to the Role you wish to define.

3. Select the appropriate access levels you wish to use.

4. Click on Save Privileges.


View All Roles

To view all roles, click the All Role button on the left hand side of the Role Manager interface.


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