Reporting Analytics

Reporting & analytics:

Do you have the information required to forecast your sales ? Do you access at your fingertips the conversion ratio of lead and customer satisfaction ? Or Are you still buried with old fashioned spreadsheets, manual data entry for all your business records? Break the glass and get out of your situation with Bingoai??i??s inbuilt, real time reporting system. It enables to get an access to the latest reports to monitor the personalized key performance of the specific activity pertains to specific modules. Diagnose and dissect the information with drill down approach to the lead generation, opportunity conversation, customer record, or sales details and drive the business performance with correct action.

Reporting Aids

  • Minimize and eliminate multiple versions of analysis with a single search reporting.
  • Real time and live view on sales, marketing, support function.
  • Forecast more accurate sales, set process based on the facts.
  • Strategies the decisions and act upon it.
  • Empower the team members to have the access to key information on finger tips.
  • Jot Down the live transactions and gain analysis from summary report.
  • Handle multiple functions single handedly with Bingoai??i??s reporting pattern.
  • Browse for varied options of reporting by choosing the parameters for the report generation


Bingo reporting Dashboard renders you with real time and live information for leads, opportunities and accounts. Enable access on user profile and expose the user toAi??only specific information you want him to know. Consolidated sales data can be managed automatically across teams and can be shared with the executives, needs to perform certain actions upon. Filtered information via reporting helps to you to identify where the process for sales turning wrong thus at hand the desired and necessary actions can be taken to improve and make it result oriented.
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  • Drill down information by charts helps to you to understand live accounts progress.
  • User specific information about sales, opportunities and support.
  • Consolidated sales report from across business functions at a place.

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