Reporting & Analytics

Do you have the information that is essential for forecasting your sales? Do you access at your fingertips the conversion ratio of lead and customer satisfaction? Or are you still buried with old fashioned manual data, spreadsheets entry for all your business records? Break the glass and get out of your situation with GoKickSales real time, inbuilt reporting system. It facilitates to get an access to the latest reports to keep track of the personalized key performance of the particular activity pertains to specific modules. Dissect and diagnose the information with drill down approach to the opportunity conversation, lead generation, sales details, drive the business performance and customer record with accurate action.

A unique and extensive reporting & analytics layout of GoKickSales facilitates you in generating the reports according to your actions. You can mix and match the kind of modules and get it filtered as per your need of details. This report layout enables you to ventolin from canada. access all the mandatory information as an indispensable used for decision making. You may build up manifold tactics and strategies based on created reports and avail the utmost outcomes.

Make use of data to organize your list

After reviewing your detailed report, you will probably notice some trends among your constituents. Make use of sildenafil pfizer 100mg. this data to effortlessly organize constituents into groups and modify future messaging based on broad trends and specific behaviors.

Take your data with you

Our user interface makes it a snap to view your reports and share this data with your management and analytics teams. You can download the data in Excel files, import it into your own system for additional inspection, or export donation details into your accounting database or compliance software.

Advantages of Reporting & AnalyticsAi??of GoKickSales

  • Visually scrutinize your CRM data, Create comprehensive reports and dashboards
  • All-in-one incorporation within your GoKickSales account
  • Out of the box reports and performance tracking
  • Maximize the efficiency and productivity of your organization
  • Monitors your key sales performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Share reports with your co-workers
  • Collaboratively create and analyze reports

Only company will support all kind of customization's to fit-in your business sales process

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