My Dashboard Widget

The Dashboard Widget is located on the main interface of GoCRMBaby and can be accessed by clicking on the GoCRMBaby logo on the upper left hand portion of the screen.
3Once you double click on the Dashboard Widget, you are introduced to a dashboard which contains a variety of features which allow for easy customization with the capability to add widgets simply by clicking the Add Widgets button on the upper left hand portion of the screen. This allows you to access a 360 view of your business.3

SomeAi??of the dashboard features include the following:


With Reports widget, you can easily view the reports created in the system.

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Sales Funnel

Stay on top of the latest developments and steps in the sales process in order to measure how effective the practices are working and to determine how your leads and prospects are moving through the sales funnel data system. This helps to filter out unqualified prospects and keep the sales funnel running efficiently.
The Sales Funnel feature also helps you predict the expected revenue from an Opportunity after Lead conversion.
It can be done by dividing the process in various steps depending upon the probability of conversion of Opportunity from one stage to another.
You can filter your Opportunity according to Opportunity status:

  • Prospecting
  • Qualification
  • Negotiation/Review
  • Needs Analysis
  • Successfully Closed


Follow Ups

This feature allows you to easily view important follow up tasks at a glance.

Activity Center
Use the Activity Center widget to easily view daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.


Easily check your email and associated tasks without having to change windows.

Task Calendar

Use the convenient task calendar to click on a date and view the tasks you need to accomplish for that day.


Easily store new and potential opportunities at your fingertips.


Never worry about forgetting about critical tasks with the easy to access Notifications area. Easily view all notifications pertaining to the Lead and Task.

My Leads

Organize and track leads at a glance without having to sift through hundreds of records. You can define the criteria to show the lead in the particular widgets in addition to being able to edit it.

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