Manage users

Who are Users?

In GoKickSales, user is one who manages records, their own or those shared by other users, within theAi??organization. Over and above this, accessing the CRM data, some of the users can perform administrative functions for smooth running of the CRM account.

What is User Management?

User is fundamentally any individual who works for a business unit by making use of GoKickSales. Each user have their own access levels. All users must be accompanying with particular business unit to diminish redundancy. In this association, the admin grants access of numerous customer data to the user, and the user will have access to the data as per their role and profile.

User account comprises of details such as personal email address, telephone numbers and a link to the userai??i??s manager. Each user has rights and privileges to manage their own personal settings. Each user can directly search and associate with the other user of the same business unit of the organization. In GoKickSales, you need to assign a role to the user before permitting him the rights and privileges to access account. With GoKickSales, you can easily manage users without wasting time and efforts as well.

Different Types of Users

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There are two different type of users available in GoKickSales:-

Admin: An Admin is the person who can utilize each and every module of GoKickSales. The admin can keep track of all the activities that are happening in the organization.

Standard Users: Standard users are the users, who can only access the modules that are assigned to them or you can also say that they only use modules they have access of. The admin can set access of the users and the particular user can only utilize the features or modules they have access of.

Schedule Campaigns Effectively

Other features of GoKickSales include auto scheduling of campaigns so that the emails are sent to destinations within the campaign time, personalization of campaigns wherein business owners can add in personal notes that are pertinent to the campaign before sending them out, tracking of campaigns so that a marketing action can be considered successful based on measurement of key metrics like number of viewers and the accessibility of the campaign for use by all individuals in the company.

Advantages of User Management

  • Provides a 360 degree view of all users in single system
  • Secure data, as no one can get data other than their departments
  • Set access level of particular user or particular roles

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