Manage Roles

What is a Role?

In the organizational-wide hierarchy, a role defines a position of a particular user in the organization. With GoKickSales, you can easily and effortlessly manage roles of users and set access levels for the particular roles.

What is Role Management?

Role Management is a indian mail order medications. procedure of assigning a particular role to some of the users or employees of your organizational. By defining a role, you can set some access levels for that particular roles that allows them to only use the modules of CRM system they get access of. Role management assists you in treating groups of users as a unit by allocating users for a particular role such as sales member, and manager and so on.

Role Management Feature of GoKickSales

With Role management feature of GoKickSales, you can generate a multi-level organizational hierarchy, set up roles and control the data level access rights as per the role of the user within the organization. It also assists you in managing team/group which facilitates you to grant and extend the data level cialias generic. access to the users with a similar job profile, working in the same project or department, or sharing the data among similar demographic location.

With role management feature of GoKickSales, you can:

  • Track improvement during role implementation
  • Perform risk analysis at role design time
  • Keep track of the overall quality of the implementation
  • Provide an audit trail for all role modifications
  • Develop a work-flow for role endorsement
  • Manages roles after they are generated to keep role current information

Advantages of Role Management of GoKickSales

  • Enables you to set access levels of multiple users in one time
  • Establish different types of rules independent from individual users
  • Assist in keeping track of progress towards time-limited objective or target

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