Mail Merge Template

What is Mail Merge Template?

Mail merge templates define the content of a form letter or other mail merge document. They comprise variables known as merge fields where information from your documentsai??i??for instance address and name of a userai??i??displays in the created record.

Mail Merge Templates in GoKickSales

Mail Merge feature of GoKickSales facilitates your employees to build quotes, proposals, contracts, invoices and more by pulling appropriate data Ai??from GoKickSales and merging them into MS Word & Excel and PDF templates in real time.

Advantages of Mail Merge Templates of GoKickSales


Improve productivity

Emails and documents can be generated pretty much at the touch ofAi??a button that avoids staff creating them from scratch each time. As written communications often make up a big part of individualai??i??s workloads, the productivity gains can really add up.

Quality control

In the absence of standard documents, staff tend to be left to their own outputs and devices can be awfully variable in terms of compliance and quality with corporate standards such as branding. The capability of managing templates within the system means that organizations have much better control and visibility of what gets sent out.

The ability to optimize

If the documents being sent out are designed to sell the organizationai??i??s services and products, for example quotations, the capability to control these outputs, and further boost it over time by testing diverse formats and wording, can have a very huge impact on lead conversion rates.

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