Lead Management

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A Lead is a Person, Company, or business opportunity that has not yet been qualified for your sales pipeline. Characteristically, these are contacts you make from networking such as at seminars, trade shows, and ads and purchased lists (among many other places).Ai??When a leads become qualified, they can be converted to deals or contacts. This procedure is referred to as lead management.

Lead cycle

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is a marketing tool used to generate a potential customer’s interest in a company’s product or service. This can be done by the company itself or it can hire the services of some other agency that can generate leads for them. This can be done for different reasons e.g., for creating lists of potential customers for general purposes, for e-newsletters or just for acquiring new customers. In this way, lead generation usually produces quick results, increases sales & also reduces cost per sales, thus increasing your ROI.

Assign or Manage Leads

If you assign a particular lead to a particular person in your organization manually, then it will become a tedious and time-consuming task for you. So, now with the help of GoKickSales you can easily store the data or information of the lead in the database. In addition to this, you can share that details of the lead with your co-workers so that they have the essential information to serve your customers. You can assign a Lead to anyone with whom you have shared the database.

Follow-up Leads

After assigning the lead to your team member, the next task is of your team member, which is to follow up the lead frequently. With this, you can get the status of the lead time to time. Means, whether the lead is actually interested in your product or not. With GoKickSales, you can follow up your leads easily and effectively and also keep track of the status of the lead.

Convert Leads

Converting the leads refers to moving your prospects from leads to customer. After regularly follow up the lead you can get the idea that this lead is going to convert as your customer or not. If you are assured that the particular lead is ready to become your customer, then with the help of GoKickSales, you can easily convert your lead into a new opportunity.

Advantages of Lead Management

The advantages of successful and mature lead management feature of GoKickSales mainly includes:-

  • Value-added standing and stature of marketing department
  • Improved sales pipeline
  • Augmented marketing know-how
  • Deeper understanding of preferences of purchasers
  • More well-organized resource use
  • Capability to engage early-stage queries
  • Amplified investment returns
  • Association between Marketing & Sales
  • More sales-ready and qualified leads handed over to Sales

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