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Dashboard is a term that is widely used to describe an application interface that provides users with quick access to information or common tasks. In CRM (Customer Relationship Management), the dashboard is used to monitor business performance, CRM data, and reports.

A CRM dashboard is designed to let users perform some specific actions and tasks with a single mouse-click from this interface. For example, a click from the CRM dashboard could provide you with a detailed report on any lead follow-ups that are scheduled for today.


Integrate your existing website with GoKickSales and get your Leads and workflow managed from a single point.


Easily integrate your business accounting software with GoKickSales and save lot of money and time.


Get the freedom of mobility by managing your important tasks and work from anywhere at any time. GoKickSales easily integrates with smart phones or a tablet PC.

Live Map

Monitor the location of your employees by searching and tracking their physical presence with the Live Map advanced tool included in GoKickSales.


Seamlessly view and manage your business leads to increase sales.


Manage all customer accounts and offer quality customer service to retain and enhance customer relationships.


Convert your Leads into Opportunity for maximizing sales and revenue.


View and manage support tickets created in the customer’s Account and assign the issue to specific departments for immediate resolution.

Contact Manager

View and manage contact details of your Leads, Opportunity, or a specific Account.


Manage your invoices at every stage in the sales process to forecast your revenue goals.

Email Marketing

Keep in contact with your existing customers and potential clients by sending a timely newsletter or promotional email with this tool.

Echo Sign Manager

Electronic signature and document management tool helps you to close deals faster while saving time and money.

Call Script

Create a customized set of questions for your sales representative to help identify and convert incoming Leads into Opportunity.

Campaign Manager

Create, view and manage campaigns to maximize results.

Mail Merge Template

Build and manage your mail merge template to make them available for your user for sending personalized merge letters to customers or prospects at one go.

User Manager

Create and manage users of GoKickSales by assigning new tasks and monitoring each assignment.

Role Manager

Create and assign roles to team members by describing the specific responsibility.

Custom Field

Create customized fields of your choice while entering the lead in GoKickSales for improved prospecting.

Email Template

Create, view and manage predefined email templates to boost your marketing communication while saving a lot of time.

Web Form

Create a web form on your website to capture and manage leads coming from your website directly into your GoKickSales accounts.


View reports of various activities associated with your marketing and sales campaigns to facilitate better decision making and forecasting.


Efficiently manage quick links of GoKickSales from a single point.