After creating a web form, if you wish to view the list of all web forms available in the system then click on “All Web Forms” Option available on left hand corner of Web Form interface.

All web form options

When you click on this option, a list of all web forms appears on your screen with details include:-

  • Name of the Form
  • Campaign of the Form
  • Lead Source
  • Business unit
  • Date at which the web form is created in the system

Edit Web Form

From the entire list of web forms, if you want to edit the details of the web form, then click on edit icon, available at right hand corner of every role.

edit iconWhen you click on this icon, a page appears that facilitate you to edit the details of the template. After editing, click on “Save” button to update the details of the template in GoKickSales.


Delete Web Form

Other than to edit the details of template, if you wish to delete any template from the list of templates then click on the delete icon.

Delete iconWhen you click on the icon, a pop up appears that ask you “do you really want to delete?”, if yes, then click “ok” else click “Cancel” button.