GoKickSales is designed with a Campaign Manager feature which provides a way to understand your potential prospect’s interests to help you create successful marketing campaigns. GoKickSales provides one of the best tools to manage all your sales Campaigns in one location and have a bird’s eye view of various marketing and sales Campaigns simultaneously.

Campaign Manager also enables you to work with each Lead, Account, and Opportunity and helps to convert maximum prospects into sales. The Campaign Manager interface can be accessed by clicking the Campaign Manager widget on the GoKickSales main interface. With GoKickSales Campaign Manager you customize the Campaign management activity of your organization while generating successful results from it.

Campaign manager widget

  • Manage Campaign according to the option available on the side bar
  • You can view Active campaigns
  • Easily see Campaigns accepting calls
  • View Active Campaigns not accepting calls
  • View Inactive Campaigns

Manage campaigns

Create New Campaign

To Create a Campaign:

Enter the Data in the Campaign Details Form: You can manually fill in the campaign details gathered from various external sources.

1.  In the Campaigns module, click New Campaign.
2.  In the Create Campaign page, enter the campaign details.
3.  Click on Save to save the data.

Create new campaign page

You can also set the Campaign ROI:Edit campaign

1.  Select the Campaign by clicking on the Campaign Name.

2.  Click on Edit.

3.  Choose the Campaign ROI tab.