The Call Script feature assists you with creating specific questions for your call center sales representatives. The questions are asked to potential prospects when they call in response to various marketing campaigns.

Call Script provides a way to create a set of predefined questions which you want your sales representative to ask to your prospects.  This helps to generate a valid Lead that has the potential to convert into an Opportunity or Account.

To access call script feature, click on Call Script widget available on the GoKickSales main interface.

Call script widget

Create New Call Script

Create and assign call script to the Campaign of your choice. Click on the Call Script module in your Home screen:

1.  Call Script modules let you to search and view the existing Call Script associated with the Campaign and Business Unit.

2.  To create a new Call Script click on Create New.

Call script page

Create New Call Script by selecting:

1.  Title of the Script

2.  Business Unit and Campaign Name to associate the script. Call Script is uniquely defined for the Campaign basically but you can copy it to use in another Campaign.

3.  You can set Call Script to be active or inactive accordingly

4.  Description: Write a brief description about the Call Scripts applicability and purpose.

Create new call script

5.  Create Questions according to your requirement for the Call Script. You can create any type of question with this tool.

Create questions

Preview of questions which can be created by this tool.

  • Radio: Helps to create two option questions where only one can be selected at a time.
  • Drop-down (Multiple): Create question having multiple predefined options.
  • Check-box (Multiple): Create question for getting multiple responses at a time.
  • Text: Get text question.

 Further you can set qualification parameter for your question like:

  • Required: Checking this option means the questions must be answered to move onto the next question.
  • Qualifying: If qualified then related options for qualification will be displayed.
  • Visible: Questions displayed for the Call Script.

Once done, click on “Submit” button to create new call script in GoKickSales.