Report builder assist you to create reports in the system, whether it is for leads, opportunities, users, campaigns or so on. With report builder, you can create just about any kind of report.

To create a report with the help of Report builder, simply click on “Report Builder” Option available in the drop-down list of the Reports Section.

Report builder option

When you click on “Report Builder” Option, a new page appears in front of you that facilitate you to create a new report as per your requirements. This page contains all the categories of the system that include Accounts & Contacts, Opportunity, Leads, Contacts, Users, Team, Notes, Tasks & Call log, Campaign & Call Script and Cases.
This categories also contains sub-categories in them:

1.  Leads: Opportunity, Opportunity with Contact Roles, Opportunity History, Opportunity with Invoice and Log call for Opportunity.

2.  Contacts: Contacts and Contacts with Invoice.

3.  Users: Users and Login History.

4.  Team: Team with Users

5.  Notes: Notes with Account, Notes with Case, Notes with Lead and Notes with Opportunity.

6.  Tasks & Call log: Task with Account, Task with Case, Task with Leads, Log Call with Task, Task with User, Task with Team and Task with Opportunity.

7.  Campaign & Call Script: Campaigns, Call Script with Campaign and ROI Report.

8.  Cases: Cases, Cases with Accounts, Cases with Contacts, Case History and Log Call with Case.

To create a report, you just have to select a category and sub-category of which you want to create a report from the list.

Let’s, take an example: If you wish to create a report of accounts and contacts, then first of all click on “Accounts & Contacts” Category, then click on sub-category “Accounts & Contacts”.

Create new report page

When you click on “Accounts & Contacts” category, a new page appears in front of you that facilitates to create a new report. The page already consist of some fields that include Account code, to whom the account is assigned, type of the account, team assigned for the account, first and last name of the account holder and the date at which the account is created in the system. In addition to this, the page also contains the list of the fields at the left hand side of the page that you can add in your report.

Report builder page