This feature allows you to create your own email list by adding contacts manually or sync from your existing Email Account to GoKickSales Account. You can also customize your template according to the type of Campaign. For this feature to work properly, you must have the Templates and Email settings saved in your Settings configuration located under your username on the right hand side of the GoKickSales interface.

Email settings

To access Send Emails click on the “Send Emails” button on the left hand side of the Email Marketing interface. Once your email settings are saved as described above, you can choose Lead or Account by ticking the appropriate box.

Email marketing

The Lead feature enables you to send automated Emails to a selected group of prospects. You can choose to customize according to Campaign, Business Unit, Lead Source, Call Script and Lead Status.

Lead page in emails

Lead Email marketing can be done by using 5 basic parameters

1.  Campaign-wise
2.  Business-wise
3.  Lead Source-wise
4.  Call Script-wise
5.  Lead Status wise

You can Add all or Remove all the attributes of the parameter. Or you can add an attribute of your choice under the given set of parameters to customize your target audience for the Email marketing campaign. The Account feature allows you to send automated mail to selected set of existing customers according to their Type and Industry. Just like Lead Email Marketing this could be done by Type and Industry.

Accounts in emails