You can easily create new invoices of your sales which are based on different parameters such as selecting a Template, Currency, Invoice Status, Valid Deadline, Opportunity Name, Contact Name from your Contacts module, Product, Price, Quantity, Tax, and other features.

To create an Invoice, simply click on the “Create New” Option located in the drop-down list of Invoice Section.

Create new invoice option

This module of GoKickSales enables you to create billing Invoices of your sales based on these parameters:

  1. Invoice Number
  2. Template
  3. Currency (This feature also allows you to accept online payments.)
  4. Status
  5. Valid Until
  6. Opportunity Name
  7. Contact Name

Product Management:  Manage your product sales information and you can also customize this by adding product of your choice.

Create new invoice page

After adding all the essential details, click on “Submit” button to save the new invoice in GoKickSales instantly.