The Contact Manager included in GoKickSales provides a convenient and user friendly way to manage and respond to all customer contacts.  The intuitive Contact Management interface allows you to create, update and search Contact information of a Lead e.g. Personal Information, Primary Address, Alternate Address and Assistant Information.

The Contact Management feature can be accessed by clicking on the Contact Manager widget on the main interface of GoKickSales.

Create New Contact

Once you access the Contact Management interface, you can easily create new Leads, manage all contacts, search for a specific contact, and create new contacts. To create a new contact in GoKickSales, click on “Create New” Option available at the left hand panel in Contact interface.

Create new contact option

When you click on this option, a new page appears that facilitate you to create a new contact by just adding the details of contact. The details include:-

  • Personal Information
  • Primary Address
  • Alternate Address
  • Assistant Information

Create new contact page


After you enter all these details, click on:-

Save contact



Save button– To save the new contact in GoKickSales
Save & New button– To save the new contact and again create a new contact after saving
Cancel button– To cancel and exit from the contact page