Notes created by the users of a given Role/User can be shared with users of another Role/User with Read Only or Read/Write permission.

To create a sharing rule for notes, or you wish to share the details of your notes with another user or role of your organization, then click on “New Rule” button available at right hand corner of each and every module.

Notes new rule option

After clicking a new page appears that facilitate you to create sharing rules for the module you have selected. In this Page-

  • Select Records Shared From and Records Shared To
  • Choose the Access Type from Read/Write/Delete or Read Only

Notes new rule page








  • Click Save button

Create notes rule page








  • Click Compute Button to save the sharing rule

After creating rules of all modules, click on “Compute All” button to create the sharing rules in GoKickSales successfully.

Note: – You have to click Compute button at the end of adding or deleting the sharing rules. If you want to compute the sharing rules for all modules, you need to click Compute All button. If you did not click on the button, the sharing rules will not be saved or computed in GoKickSales.