Integration Partnering

Bingo CRM Partnering ProgramBingo invites you to join as a Partner and Contribute. Lets create the difference.

Partner with the Pioneer.

Bingo offers a platform to recruit reseller partners with proven past records to become a part if its growing partner network.

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Partnering Selling Model

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The Bingo CRM partner selling programs encourage and enable partners to build up a business in the growing SaaS market and stream up a recurring revenue cycle. Bingo offers partners varied options to offer Bingo CRM as per the demand of the clients.

Channel Partner :
Channel partners are those must be focusing on reselling and successfully delivering the Bingo CRM. Partners can directly route the customers on Bingo CRM site for direct sign up.

Referral Partner :
Referral partners involved selected group of vendors specifically focusing on helping in identifying and generate new leads and customer referrals. Referred customer turn out into business deal make the referral partner eligible to earn the fees.


OEM Partner :
Interestingly , CRM has become a choice for OEM providers they integrate the customer record into perfect solutions. Bingo CRM aims to trust the faith to build up customer relationship. With OEM license, you gain a leading support and make it easy to find the market and targeted customer as back by a reliable source.

The partners can put up a sign up form on Ai??their sites and can enlist clients for Bingo CRM.

Benefits :

  • More you sell more you earn with Bingo CRM, the commission must be shared on every business deal.
  • Trustworthy back up all together,helps to attract the customer by the partners.
  • Easy access to programs and resources to help and grow your business.
  • Proper field engagement helps you to extend your business in the market.

Sign Up Process

  • Register for Partnering Program.
  • Send us your company portfolio and we will provide you the further details to start up

Only company will support all kind of customization's to fit-in your business sales process

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