Import Leads

You can gather data through various sources. You can import the CSV and XLS files into GoCRMBaby. To import the leads from external sources, click on the ai???Import Leadsai??? robaxin side effects. Option available in the drop-down list of the Lead Section.


When you click on ai???Import Leadsai??? Option, a new page appears on your screen that facilitate you in importing the leads.


To import leads from your desired location, click on ai???Choose Fileai??? button.


When you click on this button, you can select the location where you place your leads in CSV or XLS format. After selecting the file, click on ai???Uploadai??? button to import your leads in GoCRMBaby. button.


After clicking on ai???Uploadai??? button, your leads will be successfully imported in the system.


You can also adjust the view of the lead and information of the lead in the system and after that click on ai???submitai??? button to save the leads successfully.

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