GoKickSales for Hospitality and Entertainment Industry

“Wish to delight your customers enough to earn their loyalty, friendship and repeat business? If yes, thenAi??CRM for Hospitality and Entertainment Industry is best alternative for you!”


CRM for Hospitality and Entertainment at a glance

In the hospitality and entertainment industry, it is never just a matter of ai???build it and they will In its place, to achieve success you have to engage customers in ways that catches attention of them to visit your hotels and then, once they are on your place, provide them with a memorable and rewarding experience. Provide the wonderful experience andAi??you can count on superior repeat business. Boost your repeat business by even a small percentage and you can count on a vivid improvement in profits and sales.

Delighting hospitality customers enough to earn their loyalty, friendship and repeat business requires an innovative customer relationship management system that is designed to the exclusive needs of the industry. This is where, our GoKickSales for hospitality and entertainment comes into picture. GoKickSales for hospitality and entertainment is a customer relationship management platform particularly customized for hospitality industry. It is an easy to use, feature-rich and affordable system which enables your sales team to spend more time with their vistas and clienteles. OverAi??time, the system holds priceless details about your most cherished assets i.e. your customers.

Features of GoKickSales for Hospitality and Entertainment

Guest Insight: With GoKickSales, you can get rich information about every customer or guest. By utilizing this information, you can provide customized attention to your clients, so you can deliver a more convincing experience and keep them coming back. And, as GoKickSales offers an acquainted interface that is simple to use, adoption is swift.

Customer Service: Create strong relationships with your customers to build repeat business and gain faithfulness. By capturing every customer interaction, irrespective of channel, you add to your knowledge base. With this valued information, you can better meet the requirements of customers, to give you a competitive edge.

Sales and Marketing: Improve your procedures to gain more value from your sales and marketing activities with simple access to information all over sales and marketing. Cross-sell and up-sell more professionally and easily convert your customer interactions into marketing prospects.

Information Archive : Information archive will supply your business with such data as future bookings, customer preferences, booking and service history, survey results, loyalty points, travel details and more. With some added characteristics it is competent to export all data and define reports in Excel format that will enhance segmentation, management and storage of the data of your customer.

Analysis of Data: Analysis of data with GoKickSales will provide your sales and controlling departments with associated reports and statistics on customer and booking data. Making use of powerful sophisticated metrics and analytical tools because of CRM solution assists profile and recognize your uppermost yielding clienteles as well as appraisal the efficiency of your B2C and B2B campaigns.

Human Resource Management: The User Management module of the GoKickSales enables you to effortlessly assign tasks to your team and users. You can also make use of the fully incorporated automation tools to arrange your follow ups and reminders.

Booking Management: Booking management facilitates to manage all the booking resourcefully on real time and have access to this details at any time and from anywhere just by logging in.

Advantages of CRM for Hospitality and Entertainment

  • Surprise your customers with up-to-date and relevant service approach
  • Evaluate marketing and trends information for enhancement
  • Boost up customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Have superior & rapid web-based access to all customer and business partner data from anywhere making use of diverse devices
  • Maintain client history by using automated database and processes
  • Calculate the efficiency of marketing campaigns

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