GoKickSales Mail Add-On Users

Email Configuration

Setup your email address with GoKickSales to automatically attachAi??the email communication from your inbox pushed on the Lead/Opportunity (client details screen) for one centralized view of all client communications. You can configure any email address you wish to use for your client communication.

To configure this feature, go to the Admin Panel, click on View Profile on the drop down menu, and select Email Setting.


1. In the user email account settings check the option Enable Emails.

2. Enter the Gmail email ID you want to configure and password.

3. Enter the Email Server number.

4. Click on Save.

5. Click on Sync Emails to import mail from your inbox.


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For Yahoo Users: For Yahoo mail integration it is necessary to check the pop message setting in the Yahoo account itself.

Use Signature: While sending emails to your customers, you can embed a signature automatically in the body of the message. Signatures can be customized as per your requirement.

1. Click down arrow near account name and choose Settings.

2. Specify the signature in the Template Signature (HTML editor).

3. In the Update Logo field click Browse to upload logo image.

4. Update company information such as Firm Name, Website, Firm Address and Web Form Lead Status.

5. In the Task Settings, create a condition by selecting the check box next to Task does not show onAi??dashboard having status.


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