GoKickSales Basics

GoKickSales Basics contains a variety of solutions that includes a customized edition which is specifically designed to meet individual business requirements.

GoKickSales for Education Industry

At present, many universities and education institutions wish to streamline their education process in easy and cost-effective manner. For them, our GoKickSales proves to be a superior alternative because with the help of our software, colleges, universities and educational institutions can easily and effortlessly develop and manage relationships with different constituents of their industry.

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GoKickSalesAi??for Finance

In a marketplace dominated by everyday changes, it becomes very essential to boost up customer gratification by adapting services to address the needs and preferences of companies and individuals. GoKickSales for finance services does this by providing one holistic customer centric view of information, assisting you to identify trends and behaviors for more informed and faster decision making.

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GoKickSalesAi??for Government and Public Sector

GoKickSales system assists government agencies and public sector organizations to enable a better understanding of clienteles while facilitating you to successfully forestall and respond to customer requirements in both an effective and best possible manner.

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GoKickSalesAi??for Healthcare Industry

More than a few health care organizations are trying their best to foster healthy customer relations by implementing best CRM solution. For them, GoKickSales is the best alternative. GoKickSales is incorporated electronic patient records system that enables the patient care, billing and check-in process.

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pharmacy in cancun airport. GoKickSalesAi??for Retail and Consumer
GoKickSales for retail delivers a complete 360Ai?? outlook of every client in every channel, by giving the vision you need to deliver tailored service, build customer trust and boost productivity. With the help of GoKickSales, we can provide professional service providers with a custom-made management solution that assists you to simplify your business procedures and focus on significant business initiatives.

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GoKickSalesAi??for Professional Services

The most important facet of professional services is customer retention and managing this valuable asset is key to lasting success. GoKickSales being a potential management system helps every type of professional services such as: legal, real estate, IT, accounting, etc.

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GoKickSalesAi??for Hospitality and Entertainment Industry

GoKickSales for hospitality and entertainment is a customer relationship management platform particularly customized for hospitality industry. It is an easy to use, feature-rich and affordable system which enables your sales team to spend more time with their vistas and clienteles.

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GoKickSales for Media and Advertising Sector

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Our GoKickSales for media provides all-inclusive relationship management for media organizations to enhance revenues by simplifying processes, on a powerful technology platform that assists build richer relationships to grow, acquire and retain new accounts.

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The professionals at GoKickSales can also help you to switch from other CRM solutions including Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Siebel CRM.

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