GoKickSales for Finance

“Do you wish to enhance your customer management and strengthen your customer loyalty? Would you like to tap into added capabilities in cross -selling andAi??upsellingAi??while doing so? With GoKickSales for Finance, you have an inventive tool that can boost upAi??your entire customer management system.”


GoKickSales for Finance in a Nutshell

In a marketplace dominated by everyday changes, it becomes very essential to boost up customer gratification by adapting services to address the needs and preferences of companies and individuals. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for finance services does this by providing one holistic customer centric view of information, assisting you toAi??identify trends and behaviors for more informed and faster decision making.

GoKickSales can provide customer relationship management for asset management organizations, investment houses, stockbrokers, insurance services and other financial services. This affordable and proven CRM system will aid you enrich the customer satisfaction by means of leading-edge sales, service and marketing GoKickSales, while systemizing business procedures through innovative tools and incorporations with common office software and even ERP software should youAi??need to.

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Desirable Features of GoKickSales for Finance

Familiar User Guidance: GoKickSales is smoothly incorporated within the user interface of Microsoft Office Outlook. Users can accomplish their daily work with software they already know and can operate.

Acquiring New Customer: With GoKickSales, you can manage your sales pipeline and follow the right sales prospects.

Uniform Customer Service: Automated workflows & business processes facilitate uniform and high quality service.

Marketing Optimization: Conduct campaigns more efficaciously: you can make use of all customer information in marketing with the intention of conduct precisely targeted and fruitful marketing campaigns.

Cross-Ai??andAi??Up-Selling Potentials: Recognize all customers that have of high cross-selling & up-selling prospective. You see accurately which products the purchaser has for how long and which products are often bought at the same time and thus which products you can offer the consumer.

Eventual mobility: Your service and sales team get entirely location-independent access to all pertinent details and functions that you need for customer consultations.

Advantages of GoKickSales for Finance

  • Streamline customer credit approval
  • Save time on data entry and troubleshooting
  • Reach clients before they complain
  • Build communities around your brand
  • Know your clients better than ever
  • Delight customers, employees & intermediaries
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