Sales Force Automation

As the name denotes, sales force automation is a feature that automates business tasks associated with sales, such as sales processing, inventory control, customer interactions tracking, analyzing sales forecasts and performance and so on. With Sales Force Automation Feature of GoKickSales, the sales representatives are capable to manage the clientai??i??s contact details, collect invoices, collect orders, record details about marketplace or competition, communicate with managers, and follow the daily routines and so on.

Sales Force Automation feature increase the profitability and productivity of a sales team, because they offer extraordinarily comprehensive information that covers each and every aspect of the extended sales tree: from prospects and pipeline to opportunities and territories. These functions provides your business an opportunity to entirely emphasis on life-cycle of customers, thus amplifying sales revenue. Typically, a sales force automation is an integrated part of GoKickSales that includes other modules of customer service and marketing. The Sales Force Automation feature has the following modules:

Lead Management

Lead Management helps you in creating, viewing and managing leads in the system. In GoKickSales, lead management is a powerful solution to enhance and automate most inconsistent and error-prone procedures involved in acquiring & tracking leads through their entire life-cycle.

Create New Lead | Manage Existing Leads | Search Lead |Ai??Convert Leads to Opportunity | Lead Details Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here.

Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here.

Account Management

With Account Management Module of GoKickSales, You get the complete picture of each account, with automatically updated opportunity details, access to all critical account data including contacts, communication and activity history, shared documents, notes and much more.

Create New Account | Manage All Accounts | Account Details


Task Management

Effortlessly keep track of and manage activities, customer facing appointments and schedule team, set convenient reminders and more with Task Management Module of GoKickSales. Additionally, Share tasks with your team members or sales team to keep everyone in the loop.

Create New Task | Create Recurring Activities | Set Reminder | Create and Assign Task for the Lead

Ai??Opportunity Management

GoKickSales Opportunity Management Module facilitates you to prioritize leads so you can focus on clients with highest potential to close a deal. This enables sales person to extract cross-sell, and up-sell opportunities based on prior details. Learn More…

Create New Opportunity | Manage All Opportunities | Opportunity Details

Contact Management

Contact Management Module of GoKickSales provides your sales team with a clear visibility into your key contacts. It enables you to manage customer profiles, critical relationships, key communication status and contact history easily.Learn More…

Create New Contact Ai??| Manage AllAi??Contact

Advantages of Sales Force Automation

Any kind of automation, generally adds some level of effectiveness into the procedure. Sales Force Automation in particular, provides several advantagesAi??to an organization opting for it. Some of the major advantages that an organization can get by opting for Sales Force Automation include:

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