GoKickSales Enables Businesses in Creating an Incredible Customer Relationship with an Innovative, Easy to Use and Affordable CRM Solution

Must-to-seek Features in GoKickSales

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Mobile CRM

If the whole world is going mobile, then why we stay behind them. We take a step forward to our competitors and designed an easy to use and innovative mobile app for you. GoKickSales is a state-of-art and ready-to-run app that facilitates the sales representatives to take sales to an all-new heights. So, whether it is about sales productivity, sales effectiveness, better-quality conversion rates of leads, or timely follow-up of leads, GoKickSales app is the best help.


Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation provides you the opportunity to keep track of your sales efforts and consequently shortens sales cycles, reduces inefficiencies, achieves real-time insight and increases win rates, which is indispensable for reporting and monitoring as well as estimating sales performance and predicting its future development.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation assists in streamlining sales and marketing departments by replacing manual procedures with automated procedures. It facilitate users to create and execute well-organized campaigns and competently manage lead, opportunity, activities and customer relationships.

Data Management

Data Management Feature of GoKickSales can assist businesses, both large and small, in managing their accounts, leads and email marketing campaigns and assessing customer satisfaction and needs. Managing customer data efficiently results in greater customer satisfaction, less time spent on administrative tasks and more efficient marketing.

Website Integration

Capture the details of visitors from website and generate online leads with the help of website integration feature of GoKickSales. This feature eliminates the challenges associated with separate applications, improving customer satisfaction, increasing profitability and enhancing productivity.


In GoKickSales, you can create your own templates of Email, Echo Sign, Quote, Invoice as well as Mail Merge templates. This feature assist you in boosting your marketing communication while saving a lot of time.



With Automation Feature of GoKickSales, you can automate marketing, support and sales procedures by creating alerts, tasks and workflow rules. In addition to this, you can set up case escalation rules and also assignment rules for contacts, cases and leads generated by means of web forms.

Effective Task Management


Make sure all daily tasks and deliverables are managed efficiently by setting up follow-up activities with clients and staff, whether it is completing a proposal, sending a follow-up email or making the next call. Create plan templates to assist you manage a series of tasks for yourself and those necessary of other departments and individuals ai??i?? to ensure that follow-up activities and action items are completed on time. With the incorporated calendar, schedule your personal and work time efficiently and view forthcoming appointments at a glance.

Contact Management


GoKickSales assists you in managing your dealers, customers, partners and vendors all through a central contact database. View and Manage customer associated events, tasks, opportunities, notes, deals and all kind of communications that are happened with your contact right inside from the contact page. Also effortlessly segment your clienteles for targeted marketing campaigns and opportunity tracking.


Opportunity Management


Opportunity Management with GoKickSales makes forecasting easy and lets you take active measures to make sure your sales team hits the targets of revenue. Keep above the priority opportunities at every step of the sales cycle. Implement your sales procedures and have every sales individual follow the top practices and step-by-step activities to enhance close ratios and maximize achievements. Sales tracking facilitates you to closely monitor deals, augment performance and forecast sales easily.

Easy Reporting & Analytics


You have no time to sit and go through large number of your business transactions to know what is happening in your business currently. That is why we introduce report and analytics feature in GoKickSales that assist you in making reports easily as well as quickly. With reports and analytics, you can gain a complete view on what is happening currently in your business. You could create instant reports of any of your business or customer activities in minutes of time with GoKickSales.



The Customization feature of GoKickSales facilitate you in customizing it as per your business requirements. With this feature, one can easily apply field-level customizations, change tab settings and other organization related information in their accounts.

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Only company will support all kind of customization's to fit-in your business sales process

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