Mobile CRM

Importance of GoKickSales Mobile Application for your Sales Team

Retailers: Sales Executives can view the list of all retailers at a single place. In addition toAi??this instantly create Orders of the retailers in the application.

Synchronization: After creating the Order, the Order is automatically saved in the web based
system with the help of auto synchronization feature.

Lead Management: Sales Executives can create Leads anytime and from anywhere. Over and
above this, they can view the list of all Leads as well the details of a particular Lead.

Task Management: Create and manage Tasks easily with mobile application as well as directly
assign the Task to anyone.

Email Notifications: Sales Executive can view email notifications from customers and
prospects within the app. Additionally, they can reply to important emails and add follow-up
tasks while on the go.

  • retailers
  • log_order
    Log Order
  • leads
    • lead_details
      Lead Details
    • tasks
    • task_details
      Task Details


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