Web Form Integration

What is Web Form?

A web form is a document that you need filled out can be done online in place of manually filling out the form by hand on paper. The form can be filled out over the internet by making use of your keyboard. With GoKickSales, you can now easily capture the information of your users or visitors from your website into your CRM solution.

What is Web Form Integration?

This is a convenient new integration for GoKickSales users who want a simple solution for linking web forms on a website to GoKickSales. GoKickSales previously provides assistance for building your own website web forms that incorporate with GoKickSales using CSS. However, the new web form integration provides a simpler alternative with no need to get elaborate with HTML. Web form integration in GoKickSales provides tools for adding forms to website together with styling upkeep lowest price cialis online. so that you can match the form to your website style, and proof rules so you can control how the data is captured.

In short, web form integration feature of GoKickSales helps you modify the look and feel of the web form by making use of CSS, so that the form fits perfectly into your web page. It readdress users, either buy promethazine hydrochloride online. automatically or manually through clicking a button, after they have filled out the web-form. In addition to this, with this feature you will get automatic notifications once a web visitor has submitted the web form.

Advantages of Web Forms in GoKickSales

  • Simple to Create: Easy, web form builder with user-friendly editing options.
  • Upload Any File: Attach and upload documents to any form submission.
  • Customization feature: Personalize forms with your colors and your business logo.
  • Secure: The web forms are built with get-up-and-go level protection.
  • Entrench Web Forms: Show your form in an internet or intranet website.
  • More than a few Web Forms: caffergot, caffergot, caffergot, caffergot, caffergot, caffergot. Keep your data in one place with numerous web forms per sheet.

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