Common Features

Some of the common features or operations available in GoKickSales are given below:


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If you wish to import the data from your previous accounting software into GoKickSales, then make use of “Import” Function. With Import feature, you can easily and effectively import the data from the other source to GoKickSales.


If you want to export some data or download some files from GoKickSales to your system, then make use of “Export” Function. This feature assist you in exporting the data from GoKickSales to your PC. All the documents you export from GoKickSales will be save in CSV format in your system.


Search Records

From the entire list of records, if you wish to search a particular records, then you can use “Search” Option. With Search feature, you can easily search the record from the list that you are looking for.

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Navigate Record

If you want to move from one page to another, or directly to some specific page of records, then use “Navigate Record” Feature. The Navigation feature facilitates you in moving from a particular page to the previous or next sequential page.

Mass Records

Perform mass operations such as the mass update, mass delete, mass export, mass email etc. for simple and rapid management of records.

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