Implementing CRM automation in your procedures frees your people to concentrate on creating leads, closing deals & growing customer relationships. GoKickSales provides you the opportunity to automate workflow processes and set up automatic alerts, notifications and replies in advance. You can generate workflow alerts and associate workflow rules, tasks and field updates with them.

In addition to this, you can set up case assignment rules andAi??also escalation rules for contacts, cases and leads generated by means of web forms. This feature provides a way to easily organize and automate tasks to save time. You can also create a workflow for various modules of the GoKickSales.

Workflow Management

Easily organize and automate tasks to save time with Workflow management feature of GoKickSales.

Create Rules | Send Alerts | Assign Tasks | Follow-Ups

Call Script

Call Script provides a way to create a set ofAi??pre-defined questions which you want your sales representative to ask to your prospects. This helps to generate a valid Lead that has the potential to convert into an Opportunity or Account. CreateAi??New Call Script | Manage All Call Scripts
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Mail Merge Templates

Create a more personalized document for enhanced customer communications with Mail Merge Template Feature of GoKickSales.

Create New Template | ManageAi??All Templates

Website Integration

Integrate your existing website with GoKickSales and get your Leads and workflow managed from a single point.

Create New WebAi??Form | Manage All Web Forms

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