The 5 Minutes CRM Guide For Small and Medium Business

by / Monday, 31 March 2014 / Published in CRM
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crmCustomer relationship management, or CRM as it is commonly called, is the new way in which organizations are adapting themselves for superior service delivery. It is an increasing trend that you will discover in most business establishments today. One of the core advantages that come from using such a system is that operating efficiency is greatly enriched. Operating costs are kept down considerably and concurrently, consumer behavior is tracked. From the time it was presented, CRM has greatly attracted business to boosting the number of content customers for their business. From this, businesses have been capable to expand their customer bases. It is significant that one not look at CRM software as software but as a culture; something that is compulsory nature to them.


The CRM is designed for management of both external activities of company, related to customers, predictions and business partners as well as internal ones, related to departments, contributing to the execution of an incorporated CRM strategy. Also, the CRM concentrates the details about prospects and current customers and boost their value, aiding to win new customers and generate new sales prospects for existing ones.

A CRM software covers the following components:

Marketing – Assist companies plan, manage, organize and measure the marketing happenings within the organization. Segmenting prospects lists, analyzing the results of the promotional activities and budgeting marketing campaigns are just some of the problems covered by a CRM system.

Sales – Increases the sales procedure and augments numerous signed contracts in a definite period, through activities that comprise sales pipeline management and tracking of leads, clients and contacts.

Service & Support – Manages the in-house activities more resourcefully, and produces the excellence of customer service. The demands of all clients are integrated, and company’s representatives can resolve them in very faster and better manner.

Project Management – Aids project managers to plan and generate projects, organize the resources, analyze and optimize the outcomes. The projects are associated to the data accessible in the other modules.

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The CRM helps you:

    • Nurture sales by augmenting four key aspects: the conversion rate of prospects to contracts, the number of sales openings, the average length of the sales cycle and the average contract value


    • Develop the excellence of the sales procedure, by perpetual monitoring of sales procedure, implementation of good practices, setting performance goals or targets or custom workflows


    • Systematize the email and online marketing activities, converting site visits in sales prospects. Also, it facilitates the execution of incorporated marketing campaigns


    • Boost the eminence of customers’ relationships as it provides team with access to all-inclusive information about every client that assists in solving requests faster



    • Augment staff efficiency as it offers automatic workflows, answers to frequently asked questions and best practices of companies, all within the similar system


    • Fruitfully implement projects carried out in the organization, which gives visibility over all the actions that compose them. Also, it enables immediate management of manifold projects and correct resource allocation for each of them.

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