Contact Management

What are Contacts?

Contact represents an individual person at a company or organization with which your company does business that includes Vendors, Suppliers and Customers. Contacts can also be other individuals that have an influence in the sales cycle and other business decisions, such as accountants, outside consultants, technicians etc.

What is Contact Management?

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Contact Management provides your sales team with a clear visibility into your key contacts. It facilitates you in managing critical relationships, customer profiles, and key communication status and contact history. It provides a fully integrated approach to tracking all of the information and communication activities associated with your accounts and contacts. It facilitates users to effortlessly store and find contact information, related sales documents, active opportunities and associated activities.

How Contact Management Benefits Your Business?

GoKickSales is packed with lots of advanced features and technologies with the intention of meeting with the business requirements of their customers. So, the business organizations can receive lots of benefits by using the contact management feature of GoKickSales. Some of the common benefits of using Contact management feature are discussed below:

Provides real-time customer information

As far as the business is concerned, the customer information like name, address and phone number are essential. In addition to this, the customer details like the product or service he purchased, preferences, feedback and transaction information are also vital for the business organizations in order to treat the customers in a well-defined manner. By using our contact management system, the enterprises can easily track all the customer contacts and store them in a remote location so that the employees can get the real time customer information on their fingertips, at any time. You just need to have access to Internet to get into this database.

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This is another strategic benefit that a business organization can receive from our contact management feature. An effective system helps them to categorize their customers according to the aspects like the customer location, product they purchased, etc. So, the organizations can easily identify each and every customer and concentrate on each one separately. This will definitely help them to improve the customer satisfaction level.

Help the organizations to provide better customer service

Another important benefit of using contact management feature of GoKickSales is that they can personalize their customer relationships. The organizations can maintain a repository on each customer profile by using these computer applications so that they can treat every customer as an individual, not as a group. This way, the customer support teams get a clear picture about each customerai??i??s transaction profile and their specific needs. The employees can easily resolve the customer concerns and issues quickly and effectively. As a result, the customer satisfaction level will be improved and the chances for getting new business are also increased. This way, the business enterprises can improve their turnover as well as maximize their organizational profit.

Advantages of Contact Management

  • Get a 360 degree view of all your contacts
  • Keep track of all your contact details that includes activities through regular updates and quick retrieval using advanced search.
  • Track recent activities associated with all your contacts through updates on your dashboard
  • View all Activities and communication related to a Contact in one place

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