Campaign Management

What is Campaign?

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A Campaign in CRM refers to a source that helps you in distinguishing the sales or to define target for your business. Basically for promotion of business we use campaign. With the help of Campaigns, you can effortlessly define or set your marketing strategies.

What is Campaign Management?

Effectively manage and keeping track of all the campaigns of your business is known as Campaign Management. It enables your company to implement your marketing and sales strategies efficiently by maintaining the details of the prospective and current customers within one centrally located database.

Manage all your campaigns and maximize marketing ROI with understanding gained from a detailed vision of campaign performance ai??i?? that includes email open and click-through rates, in addition, status of sales and leads opportunities connected with a meticulous campaign. In GoKickSales, use dashboard key performance indicators (KPIs) and standard key reports, such as detailed campaign reports and leads status summaries, or simply configure your own. Determine the productivity of campaign and capture valued information on customer behavior so you can make well-versed decisions concerning your future resource allocation and marketing initiatives.

How Campaign Management of GoKickSales Assist Your Business?

Campaign Management of GoKickSales facilitates you in creating and tracking highly targeted marketing campaigns based on purchase trends, demographics, support histories and response patterns. With GoKickSales, you can frequently fine-tune your campaigns and make the most of ROI with the capability to track outcomes in real time.

Capture High Quality Leads

Campaign Management feature of GoKickSales facilitates you in breaking your campaigns into different divisions or segments to capture high quality leads. With this efficacious feature, you will be capable to reach target customers in less time through a single application. Client classification should be based on common interests known such as an interest in one single product or service or more than a few services. You can modify and improve messages and send them to particular groups.

Schedule Campaigns Effectively

Other features of GoKickSales include auto scheduling of campaigns so that the emails are sent to destinations within the campaign time, personalization of campaigns wherein business owners can add in personal notes that are pertinent to the campaign before sending them out, tracking of campaigns so that a marketing action can be considered successful based on measurement of key metrics like number of viewers and the accessibility of the campaign for use by all individuals in the company.

Advantages of Campaign Management

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