Call Script

Call script feature facilitates a contact center by generating an all-inclusive view of its customers – this assists in setting enlightened strategies and designing unique procedures. GoKickSales facilitates multi-channel proliferation and integration – it can incorporate with identify inbound callers, dialerAi??and make outbound calls. By engaging indispensable features such as automatic call distribution, intelligent skill based routing and predictive dialers, GoKickSales provides a single window for all operations – application hopping is avoided and effectiveness is increased. It combines customer data into a single source by incorporating downstream and upstream applications and in addition to this unifying all customers facing procedures ai??i?? sales, service and marketing.

The Call Script feature assists you with creating specific questions for your call center sales representatives. The questions are asked to potential prospects when they call in response to various marketing campaigns. Call Script provides a way to create a set of predefined questions which you want your sales rep to ask to your prospects. This aids in generating a valid Lead that has potential to convert into an Opportunity or Account.

Enhance Customer Service Proficiency

Build scripts that assist your employees to quickly understand the problems of the customer, while making sure cross-sell and up-sell approaches are reliably applied across the service organization, turning service “cost centers” into “profit centers.”

Consistently Apply Safety Measures

Augment customer safety measures and diminishes the prospective for costly safekeeping breaches. For example, you can create a script that employees must implement before providing sensitive data to callers. The scripts may include a password check, confirmation of personal information, or a check on recent activity. These safety measures can be recorded in the customer file as part of each service interaction to make sure service personnel are following company policy.

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