Why Your Company Needs to Implement Social CRM?

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Do you track social talks and stay updated ? Then you have definitely visited several social networking websites for business and came across people talking about SocialAi??CRM. Social media is a concept that todays business houses needs to integrate in to their activities with. This helps business houses toAi??increase business productivityAi??and their customer base and serve their social customers (to acquire new and retain existing).Social CRM enable a company to keep in touch with its customers and boost up sales opportunities by promoting brand loyalty.

What is Social CRM ?

CRM is to organize you business and Social customer relationship management (SCRM) is used to add a social element in conventional CRM process. This allows new customers to connect with your business via conversations and relationship building activities on social networking websites. We can also call this concept of SCRM as the next version of CRM. Social CRM is a concept and more of a business strategy that is supported by several technology platforms, business rules, progress, business processes and social activities, designed to engage the customer in a collaborative conversations. This provides bilateral advantages and value addition this helps in trust building for a business.

Social CRM

Who is your Social Customer ?

  • Someone who receives information via social sites like Facebook and twitter curated from their own network.
  • Someone who learns about newly launched products and brand through social channels.
  • Social customer is sharp, he doesnai??i??t responds to unsolicited messages or spams, only responds to relevant information that too from trustworthy sources.
  • This customer leaves honest feedbacks and reviews for the products and services used and belive the things what are available in their social network.
  • Gets engaged to the brands via active social venues they perform their activities.
  • A social customer possess a strong relationship with you and you need to earn their trust.

Why is Social CRM important for your Business ?

Your organization should take the pressure to create positive image in front of new and existing customers. The reason is the way things are done on social platform are very genuine. There is no or very less chance of incorrect information. Social conversations are visible publically tweets are followed the very next second they get published. Social networks like Pinterest and Google+ are expanding at a very fast pace. So, everything is open and transparent and it is wellbutrin xl online no rx, wellbutrin xl online no rx, wellbutrin xl online no rx, wellbutrin xl online no rx, wellbutrin xl online no rx, wellbutrin xl online no rx. important for new businesses to implement CRM original viagrakagra pfizer. and social CRM to make your business strategies.

Social CRM is a concept that has been adopted by many business houses within last 5-6 years. Things are being changed with more and more new social networks are launched. The practices that were applicable three years back in 2010 are now less significant in 2013. For example some years back text was used in posts, now Internet charges are slashed and people are able to get high speed. so trends are moved towards images and people are talking by images. Success of websites like Pinterest justifies this statement.

Social CRM Process

Social CRM can build your company’s image due to its very nature of ai???responseai???. Positive, Negative or neutral – responses are received from communities and users. These users receive information from social networks like Facebook and twitter which are directly or indirectly influencing your business decisions as your CRM is connected using some Social Media Monitoring tool. The image explains this concept better :

Social crm process

If you belive the recent data release from research agencies, we can understand that bigger companies are already using social CRM for more than 3 years, but small players are challenging them with their quick modern techniques. It also suggests that there are no set rules for social CRM get more leads and success of a business. It totally depends and varies on factors like demographics and targeted customers how a write some post on Facebook and improve your sales.


Irrespective of the ways companies merge social media into CRM and other channels, one thing is clear social media has strengthen the customer’s voice and companies has got ways to engage them. Organizations need to focus their concentration to include Social CRM in their business plans as an integrated part. Those companies who did this innovation to their business have emerged with a positive brand image and are continuing to win more hearts using this social channels.


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