How Social CRM Software Can Help Customer Support Team?

by / Saturday, 23 March 2013 / Published in Customer Support
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Social CRM Software and Customer Support TeamMaking and breaking of organizations by ensuring the unbeatable competitive advantageAi?? is generally performed by theAi?? customer services. Implementing an effective social CRMAi?? giveAi?? the organizations a control over the customer services from the social media channels of the customers and this improves the perceptionAi?? of your brand.

The four key areas which are related to theAi?? Social MediaAi?? where companies use the CRM solutionsAi?? for monitoring and controlling the customer experience across theAi?? media channels :

  • Monitoring the social media trends.
  • Suppressing the adverse effects of social media feedback.
  • The maintenance of confidentiality of customer service responses.
  • Ensuring that your products and services are getting better progressively.

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Ai??Monitoring the social media trends :-

The customer service departmentsAi?? and the upper management and their effects can derive from the social media .This can easily support your marketing strategies.Ai?? It can vary from valuable to scary.Ai?? AAi?? handleAi?? is provided by the social CRM on what role is played by the social media on the customer service experience and the image of the company. The ability of theAi?? CRM solution is to capture the profiles andAi?? conversationsAi?? from the mostAi?? social media streamsAi?? on an ad hoc basis.This data provides valuable information which is related to the popularity monitoring for competitors , services and products which in turn is useful for the proactive decision-making of the upper management. It can also be analyzed for the keywords which act as indicators which reflect the overall customer sentiment – positive, negative, neutral, etc.

SuppressingAi?? the adverse effects of social media feedback :-

For avoiding customer churn and for staying on the ball social CRM is utilized for monitoring the social networks. The social media trends are analyzed and identified and because of that the CRM solution can send automated responses for the generic conversations which are captured by the system which utilizes auto-populated templates and ensure the customers remain in theAi?? loop. CRM software ensures the following for responding the complaints and queriesAi?? from within the CRM software :-


  • Effective Activity Management :- The telephonic and email conversation is tracked with the details of the related recordAi?? for captured social posts.
  • AutomatedAi?? responses of the SMS/ email :-Ai?? For suppressingAi?? the turn around time the automated responses is send via email or SMSAi?? where the details are populated by the captured conversation’s records.
  • Easy and quick access to the multipleAi?? network’s profile information :- When giving the optimal solution to the customers and leads , CRM users can easily access the networks through a single interface to depictAi?? specific dislikes and likes.

Ai??The maintenance of confidentiality of customer service responses :-

Ad-hoc posts can be monitored by the implemented CRM solution from all the social media platforms . For perusal of the company staff on all the different levels of the quick analysis of the customer needs this information can be made available.By maintainingAi?? theAi?? customer’s information accurately business can be easily grown.Ai??Ai?? Other than this the conversations capturedAi?? can be easily assignedAi?? to specific logged-in users with the read/ write permission on theAi?? basis of their product, location, type of case, priority and SLA.


Ensuring that your products and services are getting better progressively :-

Social media presence is vitalAi?? for revealing theAi?? consumers that a company cares forAi?? creatingAi?? a presence in theirAi?? social media channels. Social CRM and its automated functions can search for the keywords in the social mediaAi?? derived data to look for the common trends in the conversations. In this way a CRM software providesAi?? an accurate pulse on public sentiment which regard to the new product releases , media announcements of the company and the perceptions of the customers about their company in general. For determining and collating the opinion of the customers CRM is an invaluable tool . A higher volume of viewers and their corresponding comments are generated by posting links that refer to a company’s published content on a popular network.

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