Grow Your Business By Maintaining Customer Information Accurately

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Maintaining Customer Information AccuratelyHave you made a follow-up call to find out that the other member of your team had already made a contact with the customer ? It would be a little embarrassing to find where was the confusion ? After spending some time in cross-checking you observe that there is no record of a call being made to the contact but actually it was a duplicate contact which was assigned to the other sales representative canadian pharmacy 24h com vn, canadian pharmacy 24h com vn, canadian pharmacy 24h com vn, canadian pharmacy 24h com vn, canadian pharmacy 24h com vn, canadian pharmacy 24h com vn. .It must be always noted that the incomplete or inaccurate CRM data often restrain the marketing and sales performance.To grow the business you have to make the assurance of complete CRM data. It might be possible that many of your contacts might have changed their email address , phone number and even the company and thereby leading to the redundant and incomplete data in your CRM . Now the question is raised that how to maintain a clean CRM data ?

Here are the 5 tips which will make your CRM under your control and which will make you to save your time and resource.

1.) Maintain the Complete Data :-
It is always a matter of fact that the incomplete information is always a bad sign for the data quality. Also the CRM account makes you to fill various fields that are mandatory. It is always a time consuming task and it always becomes a necessity for you to neglect the proper data entry. Hence there is a way to handle such situations by setting some important fields mandatory just like phone numbers, addresses, email and name. Therefore encourage users to fill these important details and determine the fields that are important for the complete information.

2.) Prevent the entry of duplicate Leads and Contacts :-
The best way to prevent the duplicate records is by comparing the email address of the contacts as email addresses are always unique. By adding the contact/lead in the CRM you now have the option to check whether the latest updated record already exist in your CRM . By applying this strategy you can definitely save your efforts by going through the records for duplicates .

3.) Manage the Existing duplicate records :-
Always note the fact that two records might not be always identical. For example , two contacts might have the same last name, company name or the email address but one record might have a cell number or the address which is not found in the other. This might scatter the crucial information and might find to be frustrating as well.

4.) Maintain a Style Sheet :-
Humanitarian efforts are also essential for the quality of data. Introduction of the naming conventions will make the data entry easier . Sometimes you can observe the same country names in different formats. For example US, USA and United States of America . You can easily avoid it by creating the standard data entry formats and the list of abbreviations for the data items like company names, postal addresses and designations etc. The standardized format of all the data will facilitate you in filtering the records and generating the accurate reports which are based on the exact criteria. For eliminating a small part of the problem predefined drop down values will help you out.

5.) Use roles in the security :-
When several sources pour the data and many users start accessing it then the maintenance of a clean CRM database is not an easy job. You can restrict the access to data in your CRM account . Control the access rights of users by defining the roles . This will make the users to modify only those records which are relevant to them. The maintenance of the data quality must be done time to time as it may end up in a tedious task ahead if not taken care from the beginning .

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