How To Use CRM Software For Restaurants?

by / Wednesday, 20 March 2013 / Published in Business
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CRM Software For Restaurants
It is a busy night in my office . After attending total six meetings in the evening I am on the way to have an Italian pasta to the nearby restaurant . It is really a busy night for the restaurant as well since all the tables are booked and more customers are waiting for their turn to have their meal. Waiters are occupied by serving the meals and cleaning the table , managers are working hard to ensure that the things are working smoothly . After nearly waiting for 45 mins I got a table and ordered an Italian pasta which was on my table in the next 20 mins.

At the end waitrons have earned great tips and the coffers have been fully filled . It was a highly profitable night for both the restaurant owners .But have you speculate to keep this momentum going and have more profitable nights ? Have you planned to improve the customer services? How would you make the assurance that those customers who are satisfied with your service will eat at your restaurant regularly ?

Relationship building is an important key . It can easily make the difference between the customer who is coming for the first time and the customer who generally eat at your restaurant regularly. CRM solution can easily cater the restaurant industry . Here are the 5 ways through which restaurant’s CRM initiative can turnaround customer churn :-

1.) Customer database :-

A CRM system gathers the information of their customer. The customer information which can easily grow your business includes

  • Contact details of the customer
  • Frequency of the visits
  • Average spend per visit
  • Preferences on meals

From the restaurant’s point of view it can xl pharmacy medications, xl pharmacy medications, xl pharmacy medications, xl pharmacy medications, xl pharmacy medications, xl pharmacy medications. provide the valuable information like :-

  • Popular menu items
  • Non selling items
  • Busiest days/ nights along with its reason
  • For the chain of restaurants it can easily give the information which regions are performing better than others

2.) Menu engineering :-

Even if the quality of the food is good , every restaurant has meals that sell phenomenally well and those that donai??i??t. The restaurant owners must be clued up on this for becoming more profitable. The CRM software which is related to the sale software will generate the sales information in 4 ways :-

  • Highly profitable and popular items
  • Profitable and unpopular items
  • Popular but unprofitable items
  • Unpopular and unprofitable items

3.) Strategic marketing campaigns :-

Until now you have gathered the information about the customer and scrutinized the menu. Now it is the turn for marketing . Strategic promotional campaigns can be developed . Segmenting and targeting specific groups of customers like students , seniors, adults and kids can be done with the help of CRM. Communication with the cost of levitra at savon pharmacy. customers can be made directly via email or text message with the help of CRM software.

4.) Loyalty programs :-

Loyalty programs take the marketing one step ahead by utilizing the data that has been collected . CRM is made for loyalty and the reward programs. The frequency of a customer’s visit which is calculated by their meal preferences and the time spent in their visits is generally tracked by these loyalty programs . For interacting and engaging with the customers the optimum platform is also provided by them.

5.) Customer retention :-

The ultimate goal of a restaurant owner is to make the experience of the customer a unique one that keep them coming back. For promoting a positive customer relationship with the customer CRM solution also provides the couple of other useful functions.

  • Customer suggestions and feedback :- This is a tool for the customer that will speak to the restaurant.
  • Customer complains :- Words about bad services are quickly spread . Never lose a customer over the badly handled complaint.

Efficiently and promptly dealing with the dissatisfied customer generally prevacid shortage. calms them down. When they return back make sure that the problem does not occur again!

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