Increase Productivity Of Business With GoKickSales Automated Reporting Tool

by / Tuesday, 19 March 2013 / Published in CRM Reporting
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 “With GoKickSales, Focus on being Productive, instead of Busy


You might have found a situation, when you have just reached a meeting and realized that you have missed an important report which was required for this meeting and you would have better explained your views in front of everyone with that report in hand. Do you also find this problematic to remind someone to run their CRM reports on regular basis be it daily, weekly or monthly. Many of us face this problem and miss out on reports, results in reducing our productivity.


The good news for you is – There are ways to get rid of running CRM reports. This is possible by automating GoKickSales reports which you need regularly. Automated reporting tool increases your control and awareness about business activities otherwise that could create chaos with your work.


GoKickSales is fully customizable CRM tool that will eliminate your reporting problems completely. The modules available with GoKickSales can totally streamline your business activities and will let you to focus on your main business areas without worrying about the documentation, reporting and other less related aspects of your work. GoKickSales takes care of reporting, follow up reminders and many such things that can enhance your business flow and productivity.

GoKickSales  helps to empower organizations not just to gain but also to retain customers by offering better efficiency and control over the overall business process. It is an open-platform web-based CRM solution, GoKickSales is easy to customize and helps you to cope up with ever changing business needs.


Manually running reports is one of the most annoying tasks for people with busy schedules. However with GoKickSales you can schedule the report generating activities automatically. You can even get reports emailed to you or any other person you want to. You can also authorize and restrict people from viewing the reports. You can select date, time, and occurrence of reports as per your convenience.


A CRM software can ensure high revenues, here we would like to explain this with a scenario, suppose you have a meeting over conference call – about a new account and important decisions will be taken after this meeting. You have already signed a contract for this account a week ago. In such a situation pulling up the report about the plans is an important part to discuss about this new business with your peers. If you are using GoKickSales you can use the automated reporting feature to email the reports to yourself and the other participants of the meeting so that they will have details and references which are critical for that meeting. On the whole this will reduce confusion , save time and develop accountability. The reporting part will always be taken care by GoKickSales and you could easily focus on more important things of your business that will increase the productivity of your organization.


There are whole bunch of available features in GoKickSales  that are important for the consistent growth of any business house. Beginning from lead management to invoicing GoKickSales offers everything that is required to grow your company.

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