Account Management

What are Accounts?

Account refers to a company or organization, which you want to track in your CRM. ? Accounts in GoKickSales assist you in managing all of your contact information. You can create Accounts for your vendors, customers, employees and more.

What is Account Management?

Account Management aids you in tracking and managing your accounts together with opportunity, product, case, and activity details. You can easily upload account related documents and in addition, view and store complete history of a customer in one placeai??i??that include cross-sale opportunities, leads, activities, tasks, and more. Customize views and capture the details you need to suit the way you work.

In short, with account management of GoKickSales, you can seamlessly manage the entire history of many accounts. This solution automatically track and store all small and huge interaction of accounts such as customer details, employee payment, money transfers, partnership programs etc. Account management activities through GoKickSales facilitates the companies or organizations to store customer information and their particular accounts in an integrated database connected to different data processing systems.Ai??This feature is capable to provide analytics and timely reviews about the financial health or condition of any enterprise.

With Account Management Feature of Our GoKickSales, you can:

Make your Sales procedure your competitive edge

Implement established best practices by making GoKickSales your sales activity hub. More significantly, our system is flexible enough to mirror the existing sales procedure of your organization. There is no need to abandon your tried-and-tested procedures to fit the technology; GoKickSales fits the way you work.

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Know your clienteles with a crystal-clear view

GoKickSales assists teams work together to close deals faster by providing a single place to get and update essential details, keep track of opportunities all through the sales cycle, and monitor every associated interaction at every stage of the sales procedure.

Traditional way of Account Management

In earlier times, to manage the accounts of the customer you have to create each and every account in a document and kept the document safely with you. In this option, there are many risk factors associated, such as if the document is destroyed by any means then you lost all the details of the customers or if the document is stolen by someone then all the confidential data of the customer will go in hands of the individual who may misuse it. That is why, we introduced a new way of account management for you.

New Way of Account Management with GoKickSales

With our state of art GoKickSales solution, you can easily manage all the data of different customers from a single place. There is no any risk of data destroy and data missing as tour solution will save the details of your customers in safe and secure manner.

Advantages of Account Management

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